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Palm Pre Support


New member
Dec 4, 2008

Its my understanding that Sprint will be launching the new Palm Pre phone sometime in the first half of 2009. Its my understanding that this new phone will have Palms new web OS and it may not be backwards compatible with older palm applications unless a third party develops a Palm OS emulator for it. I'm sure you'll soon be hammered with questions as to whether you will support the new OS, or if folks may have to wait for an emulator to hit the market. Hope to see an update for the new Palm at some point in the future. Love your software.

Good news with the latest update to the palm pre and the palm classic v2.0 logbook pro seems to work great so far with HOTSYNC!!!!!!! :) The hot sync is only able to be done wireless. Here is a link to the apps website explaining how to setup and get things working. HotSync in Classic
Hope I put this in the right location and that it helps the people looking and waiting for hotsync with palm classic