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Palm sync to LBP


Sep 29, 2006

Here is a problem that I am having.
I've had APDL for many years, and just recently purchased LBP:Standard. I had APDL on my computer, but didn't uninstall if before I formatted my hard drive. I also did a hard reset on my Treo 650. I installed LBP with the activation key, and installed APDL on my PC and on my 650. I used the activation key for APDL on my 650, and also activated LBP. Both state that they are registered.

What I can't get to work is the PDA Sync wizard from within 1.10.25. When I click it it has all the options greyed out. I hit activate, select APDL-Palm, and enter my unlock code. But I never get to the next screen. Of course now I get the email saying that I have activated my license 7 times on 2 computers for APDL. Probably because I didn't first uninstall it when I formatted?

What am I doing wrong?