Palm Treo Pro issues...


Jun 28, 2008
I just switched from using a pocket PC (WM2003) to a Palm Treo Pro (WM6.1). After installing APDL ver I have a few issues that came along with it.

1. Is there a way to adjust the screen size? I am having to scroll all over the place to input data.

2. A result of the scrolling is that it will occasionally make the menu bars disappear. Has anyone else experienced this?

3. How can I remove the keyboard from popping out everytime I tap a new data field?

The Treo unfortunately has a small screen size and APDL was developed before that size came out, nor does APDL scale to fit. You can search the forums for "scrollbars" and find options such as using a utility called EasyTweak (if I remember correctly), and other helpful posts.

There is no way to turn off the popup keyboard, we plan to handle this is a future version.