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Palm vs Windows Treo


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APDL Beta Team
Jun 6, 2005

I own a Treo 650 with verizon, and its starting to get a little bit long in the tooth. I am thinking of upgrading to a treo 700, but I don't know whether to go windows or palm. I am satisfied with the way the palm OS works, but it would be nice to be able to sync outlook to my phone with windows. If I switched to windows, would I have to buy the windows version of APDL, or would I be able to download it since I have already paid for a palm license? If I did have to pay how much would it cost? Are there any other reasons I should be more inclined towards either palm or windows?

Each platform (OS) requires a separate license, therefore if you have not yet purchase a Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) license, you would need to do so. You can click here to purchase a license from the online store. Please read this KB article for more information. The difference between Palm OS and Windows Mobile is majorly personal preference, however, the alerts feature (datebook integration) is not available on the Pocket PC side at this time.
palm just released the 755p (palm version) to one carrier, i think. CDMA, so it should work with verizon. i don't know if you can get it on other carriers yet, but it would save you a windows license, and it will update your phone with all the latest foo. %ian