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Jul 10, 2006
When one chooses to use the service to have pages printed, do extra pages come with it? I may have an interview in a few weeks, and fly in between the print job and the interview. Do I get extra pages to manually put in extra time? If my logbook is only 40 pages, do I only get 40 pages?

Thanks, Josh
Hi Josh,

The printing service gives you an allotment of 150 pages and any additional required we arrange for payment as needed. No, you do not get the unused allotment with your job, it is simply a line at which we need to charge for additional paper.

If you're interested in having your Logbook Pro data professional printed, all you need to do is send us a backup file and we'll send you a PDF to approve, then generate the reports ready to go into a Cirrus Elite leather binder. Click here to order the service when ready.
We'll need to enter a couple flights manually


I don’t think you answered Josh’s question exactly. He wasn’t asking for the full allotment of paper. The question is: Does your printing service have the ability to provide one or two extra pages to allow a pilot a couple of weeks worth of flying between the time he orders the logbook print and the time he is interviewed. Inevitably a pilot will need to make at least a few manual entries (with pen) to be fully up-to-date at the interview.

How does the printing work? Are you printing on blank paper or paper that is pre-columned?
If it is pre-columned can you include a couple extra sheets?
If it is blank paper will your printing service print a couple of pages of blank columns for manual entry?

I know that you have manual entry log paper for sale, but we don’t want to buy a pack of 40 sheets. We just need a couple extra sheets that are in the same format as the pages from the printing service.

Hello Troy,

When printing from Logbook Pro for Cirrus Elite binders you use the blank page inserts. They are completely blank, Logbook Pro prints the lines and data. The manual log pages ARE pre-printed with lines so you can hand write logbook pages while on a trip and then enter them into Logbook Pro upon return and print when ready.

Extra blank pages are not included, you get the final printed product and that's all. I highly recommend anyone with a binder to also have at least one pack of paper to go with it should you want to print anything at a later date. We also offer a follow-on turn-key service on a case by case basis where we can "touch up" your prior print job with additional flights should you go on another interview later as an example. We don't force you to pay the full price every time unless you want a complete reprint.
Ok, say we purchased extra printing paper so we can "touch up" the print job ourselves with our home printer. Is the print paper standard 8 1/2 by 11 size and does your printing service print any different format than what you would see coming from a home PC using log book pro printing options?