PDA registration


Nov 19, 2002
Is registring the pda still required in order to make ActiveSync work properly? I am having problems using ActiveSync. Nothing happens in LogbookPro syncing. Also, the items are not there. I have downloaded and installedthe new booster that is free.
Yes, PDA must be registered on both the PDA and the PDA Companions menu of the PC.

After installing the new Booster, try clicking the Booster icon, then from within the Booster menu system, choose the option to rescan modules. You may also want to try the latest ActiveSync which is 3.7.1.

What device are you using?

I have followed the instructions completely. I purchased the Logbookpro in Nov 01. I have tried to use the unlock key from that purchase and the pda says invalid code - purchae a pocket pc dompanion key code from your web site. When I go to that site it wants me to purchase a whole new logbookpro. I think in 2001 one had to purchase a separate key. Should that key code work?
I have entered the key code in the pda and pc in the proper places. Still nothing after syncing. Do I need to restart the computer or something else?
Sorry, I just found the merge queue and it merged. However, I cannot find the data that was merged on the logbookpro.
Sorry again, I had to close logbookpro and open it another time after doing the merge to find the data. So, it all works. I really appreciate all the help!