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PDA Reports close program!

Bill 8797U

Aug 5, 2004
Help! At long last everything works...as far as the logging stuff is concerned anyway. If I attempt to open any report type items from the PDA it closes the program down. (Currency report shows: 'No data - sync logbook' - and there are items in the PC log and report sections. I have tried all of Scott's suggested items (uninstall: LBP, Booster and Activesync), reinstalled a/s 3.7.1, reinstalled LBP, etc etc...and still the same.
Please help before I have to get my money back! I love the program but if I can't solve these issues it's gonna be history!

Confirm when setting up ActiveSync you selected the 9 PDA prefixed tables **AND** the four tblPalm prefixed tables? It sounds like you may have missed the four report feed tables in setting up ActiveSync.

I never expected such a quick reply! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It worked flawlessly...and all I had to do was read thing correctly. Your help is much appreciated and has restored my faith in computers...and man! Fly safe! /Forums/emoticons/yeah.gif