PDA Freezes up...


Aug 19, 2007
I have installed, removed, reinstalled and still the PDA freezes when I attempt to open the software. It goes to the screen showing what version the software is and then frezezes. The only way out is a soft reset. It is a Cingular 8525 and all installed software is up to date. I feel a hard reset in my future, but that would be a royal pain as I have a lot of other software installed...any help?

Chip Carter

Confirm you're using Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion version 1.10.16?

Uninstall "Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion" from your Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area. This will also bring up the ActiveSync Add/Remove programs area, when you see that dialog, click "NC Software Logbook Pro" then click the Remove button.

On your Pocket PC, using File Explorer, delete these two folders:

/My Documents/Logbook Pro
/Program Files/Logbook Pro

(Of course, only delete the Logbook Pro sub-folder)

Download and install this file to your PC, make sure your Pocket PC is cradled and connected via ActiveSync:


After this is completed and you confirmed also that Logbook Pro for Windows 1.10.26 (or later) is on your PC and you also have the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed on your PC, start then close Logbook Pro, then launch Logbook Pro on the Pocket PC.

See this link to verify you have, or download if needed, the .NET Framework 1.1 for your PC:


Note: There is also a version 2 of the .NET Framework, Logbook Pro specifically uses the .NET Framework 1.1 version, however, we suggest installing both v1.1 and v2.0 as our future products will use v2 on the PC side.
I've done as instructed. When I launch the PDA Pro after the install, and it is connected to the PC it runs fine and the top of the screen on the PDA shows LogBook Pro. If I then disconnect the PDA and try to launch PDA Pro it locks up when it gets to the splash screen and shows LogBook Pro.exe at the top of the PDA screen. It may be interesting to note that there is no LogBook Pro folder in the PDA program files folder.

Your help is appreciated.

Chip Carter
Hello Chip,

The new location for the Logbook Pro folder is now in the root, i.e. /Logbook Pro instead of /Program Files/Logbook Pro. I am not sure why your PDA is locking up when disconnected from your main computer, you may want to check ActiveSync/Sync settings in the Settings area of your Pocket PC etc. It sounds like you have a Pocket PC configuration issue outside that of Logbook Pro. You may want to simply do a hard reset and start from scratch on your Pocket PC. You'll need to uninstall and then reinstall Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion on your PC to get it to reinstall to your device once the hard reset is completed.
I copied the LogbookPro folder from the root drive to the my documents and program files of the PDA and for now it is working as advertised. I'll let you know if it fails in the future.

Based on your earlier post though, I'm not sure why you asked me to remove the Logbook Pro folders from the my documents and program files folders if the files are now supposed to be found in the root drive...
Glad to hear all is working. It sounds like the program was not properly removed before it was reinstalled so the shortcut to launch Logbook Pro was still pointing to the old location. If you require any further assistance reply here or submit a support ticket.