PDA Synchronizatio - Sync Aborted


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Sep 27, 2002
PDA Synchronization - Sync Aborted

I just the following message:
Sync aborted
Pocket PC Backup and Data Transfer Failed.

I rebooted and re-installed :
LBP 1.10.23
Pocket PC APDL 6.0.3
APDL Sync Angine 1.4
I'm using Windows XP and Dell Axim Pocket PC. It all worked last time - 6/7/06.
Date filter was originally Flight On or After 06/07/06. I also tried New APDL Flights (6/6/06). I also changed date to 6/1/06 and 6/10/06 with same results (today is 11th).
However, the computer never locked up. Also I can still import schedule to the Pocket PC using Schedule Importer.


Try clearing the checkbox for the "APDL Reports" in the top right section of the PDA Wizard then restart Logbook Pro and retry the PDA wizard. Let me know if the problem remains, is cleared, etc.

Thank you.
I must take blame for this one. Somehow I turned ON ZoneAlarm (Firewall) so LogbookPro could not get through. As soon as I turned it off the sync worked.
Thanks for a quick reply!
Logbook Pro program in Zone Alarm was set to "Block" so the Zone Alarm did not even asked if I wanted to allow the communication. However I could import schedules and ActiveSync worked fine as far as I could tell.
I do not generate APDL reports, only sync APDL with LBP database on my laptop. This is the part that did not work until I selected "Allow" in Zone Alarm. Come think of it, LBP did not ask as usuall to connect to the internet either when it was shut down until I changed the Zone Alarm setting.
Hope this helps.