PDA Wish List


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Nov 19, 2001

The biggest things I can see are the following:
1) Ease of input via the stylus or simulated keypad
2) Liberal use of tooltips
3) Limit the nesting level of menus/submenus
4) Use good color and contrast settings to account
for bright days in the cockpit, expecially at FL 310.
5) Avoid too many timers as they chew up the battery life
6) Make W&B simple and provide load-shift scenarios to
get the most favorable CG. An app I did for Convair 240/580s
does do this, but you have to account for %MAC. LEMAC et al
7) Provide easy syncing capabilities between PDA and
LogbookPro (Desktop version)
8) Make sure you check App.PrevInstance
9) Wireless connectivity via email to sync PDA to desktop
while away from home
10)Reconciliation of PDA and desktop

I cannot stress enough how simple and fast data entry should be.
Typically, logging of time comes after a long day of flying,
and in some cases, between legs in 121 quick turn situations.

Besides buttoning up the A/C for the night, the paperwork
becomes a dread if it takes too long. Keeping the PDA workflow
simple and consise will encourage its use.

Mike A. Beanes
Good points, Mike. I forgot to mention the color support in a previous post in this forum. I use a Visor Prism and color is indeed important to me.

Not sure about W&B, though. Do we need that in a logbook program? In an effort to keep the app steamlined, I would like only the code necessary to get my log data synched. Otherwise, we sacrifice speed and memory.


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W&B may be something that falls under a 'Tools'
submenu off the main toolbar menu, much like
Microsoft does with most of its Windows programs.

Under 121, possibly 135, I can't see this being a real
important feature. Usually, this is computed on the
manifest fairly easily .However, for part 91 guys, I could
easily see this as something that helps one figure out
a quick W&B or load shift, especially if you are being
ramped or your friend shows up with his friend and
didn't think you'd mind another person along for the

As with most program, utilities are nice to have from
within the app. In the PDA world, this is a blessing
since switching to another window is not as easily
done under Windows CE 2.0 and 2.11 without some
sort of 3rd party utility. Under CE 3.0, this may me null
and void.

BTW: Something else that comes in handy is a way to
log/track time that exceeds the canned block times.
this way, you can keep track of how much OT your
company may owe you, especially if you get held
at a fix for any length of time.

Thanks Ed for your post.

Wish list for PDA:

1. Aircraft and airports memorized on first use--maximum flexibility in options to fill in details as required (Tail number, type, airport name, airport location, etc.). Minimum acceptable user input should be airport three letter ID and aircraft type. Airport ID should default to all capital letters or numbers. Aircraft and airports should be selectable in all fields from drop-down menus.

2. Maximum configurability of columns/entry labels to match desktop setup, preferably directly imported from existing logbook. Option to limit headings shown on PDA to those used in desktop logbook, or as selected by user.

3. PDA display of logbook entries should be fully configurable--last day, last X days, last week, last month.

4. New entry defaults to last destination.

5. Arrival/departure times should be optional entries and entered via selection from columns of four numbers where the user taps each individual digit to set the time. Quicker than Graffiti!

6. Simpler is always better for best entry efficiency--minimize the bells and whistles, please!

7. Color to match desktop scheme would be nice.

I know I'll think of more later . . .
I would think that a W&B tools would needlessly weight down the application with code that should be a separate app.

The app should calculate block time on a leg by leg basis. I happen to like Airline Pilot Daily Logbook. It figures duty time and pay credit. It also imports from Crew Tracking software. Once the schedule is loaded, it transfers to the DateBook app.
In re-thinking the app, a W&B tool may be a bit much
for a Logbook Program. I don't think it is so much
because of weighting down the application. After all,
memory is cheap and the processors are getting
faster and faster all the time. I think it really stems
from the fact that W&B belongs in a Flight Planning app.

Often times the line gets blurred between the two
types of applications. This situation is really more of
an aggregation situation where one app can use
the services of another; yet, both apps stand alone
in their own right.

Anyway, good suggestions guys! I look forward to
the product when it debuts.

Mike A. Beanes