PDA Wizard


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Sep 14, 2007
Recently, when i use PDA Wizard to update Logbook Pro w/ APDL from my Palm, it won't sync past 8/28/07. I've tried syncing w/ the option "sync on or after 8/28/07" and it still doesn't work. As far as i know, i did nothing different after 8/28 to cause this problem. It synced up fine until now...
Please check your payroll categories. e.g. The block payroll category will not sync unless the APPLY TO FLIGHT BOX is checked in the setup of the payroll category. To check the setup of the Block or any other payroll category please go to OPTIONS PREFERENCES PAYROLL CATEGORIES.

If that is not the problem please make sure you have all the data entered in APDL that is required to sync such as: Aircraft Number, DEP ARR airports, and Block OUT and IN.

If you continue to have trouble please submit a support ticket.