PIC Proficiency Check - 61.58


Mar 4, 2006
I am rebuilding my logbook into LBP and I am trying to learn the currency config. how are you guys setting up 61.58 checks on multiple types? Thanks for your help!
I have created 2 custom fields for the PPE. One is a 12 Month and the other is a 24 month for another aircraft check to meet the req's for a second type. I made two currency items (one for each) set up with time period of 12 / 24 month respectively and added them to ANY TO PASS. Will that work or is there another better way to do it? Such as something similiar to the medical cert?

Do the items you created have expiration dates? Items with expirations should be logged in the History area. You then click the bar on the bottom right of the currency editor "History Events" with the green icon to incorporate History events such as BFR's, Medicals, etc. into a currency. You should not create currency items to simulate a history event, i.e. an item with an expiration date.
Ok...that makes much more sense. I got to thinking about it after it was set up trying to config it for multiple ype airplanes..."history" entries make a lot more sense.