Pocket Access no checkbox


Oct 11, 2003
PDA Sync has been working fine for a long time. Now suddenly it won't sync. I noticed that Pocket Access no longer has a check box in the active sync options (see the attachment). Any ideas how to resolve this?
I suggest contacting Microsoft. I have no idea what may be causing that. Can you tell me what device you are using? What is the version of ActiveSync (Help...About within)?

If it were mine, I would remove my PPC from the cradle, delete the partnership in activesync, uninstall activesync, download and install activesync 3.8 and see if that clears up the issue. Be sure to follow the documentation for uninstalling Logbook Pro from your PPC first so when you go to reinstall Logbook Pro on your PPC you don't get the ActiveSync bug where it will not send the data to your PPC as it is already there. Whenever reinstalling Logbook Pro to the PPC you must completely uninstall and purge Logbook Pro exactly per the Logbook Pro documentation (PDA Companions...Pocket PC...Uninstall topic)

Neal, thanks for the reply. I've since discovered the source of the problem unfortunately there appears to be no solution. It appears that Microsoft .NET Compact Framework and Pocket Access are not compatible. On a PPC 2002 handheld, if you install .NET Compact Framework, it toasts the ability to sync pocket access. Go figure, both Micro$oft products and they aren't compatible with each other. Unfortunately my job requires .NET Compact Framework to be installed so the LBP Companion is toast.