Pocket PC Version ??????


Nov 20, 2001
I hate to keep asking but what is the timetable looking like for the Pocket PC. I know alot of people are patiently waiting. I beleive it was several weeks ago when you mentioned it would only be a few days. Thanks
Thank's for the direction. I hate being impatient but I fly approx 80 legs a month and am getting very tired of transposing data from my little red logbook to my home pc.

I knew I should have bought a palm instead of the PPC. Oh well I'll be patiently waiting.

Thanks Again.

I knew I should have bought a palm instead of the PPC
The dark side is strong with this one
I built a real simple HanDBase logbook for my Casio that imports into Logbookpro as pretty as you please. If you're not familiar with HanDBase it's a good database program that you could use for lots of other things.
I am happy to report that the bug has been fixed and we have resumed intense beta testing with the private beta team. I am shooting for a release within the next week!!! Stay tuned, I will update you when more information is available!!!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.