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Printing for binders


Jun 26, 2006
Is there a way of setting the print format so it prints on both sides for the binder layout i.e. page 1 facing 2, 3 on the back of 2 and facing 4, 5 on the back of 4 etc etc?
I'm sure there must be but I have been experimenting and can't seem to get it to work.

I suggest using the Split-Report series of reports. You can experiment with the various options such as printing just lefts, just rights, or using the combined tab with or without inserting a blank page. The blank page is used to offset the printing so it allows you to have a full view left to right of a single flight record. Again, I suggest experimenting with the various options. You can choose a print range such as printing only pages 1-5 so you don't have to print the entire report with your test. Please also review the Reports topic in the documentation.