Printing Issues


New member
Jul 24, 2007
Batavia, IL
I have tried about a half a dozen times to print my logbook. I am in landscape mode. Sometimes it asks if I want a cover sheet sometimes it doesn't. It is set up to do collated printing. It prints out the cover sheet (sometimes) and then starts printing the even pages (right side). After a couple of pages it spits out a blank piece of paper, then starts printing odd pages (left side).

I have wasted about 25 sheets of paper and have managed to print out the cover page, 1 full foldout with pages 1-2 and the left side of page 3. When I try to print individual pages to do it the long way and collate myself, I get 4 pages printed.

How do I print my logbook?
Hello Michael,

You want to use the Split-Report style reports (Reports..Flight Log..Split-Report Series) and never touch the left/right margins, if you do, you'll get the blank page issue. If you have adjusted your page setup (margins) you want to reset them by clicking the notecard with pointing finger icon and the reset option near the bottom. If you have a duplex printer (front/back) then you'll want to click the "combined" tab at the bottom, insert blank cover page, answer YES to swapping the margins. For more information, please refer to the Reports topic in the documentation by clicking Help...Contents. You may also find prior newsletter article of interest as we have discussed printing in prior newsletters. See the newsletters forum for access to all prior newsletters. You may also want to search the forums for other tips on printing.