Printing Leather Binders


Nov 19, 2001
HI !
I'm one of thoses funny customers from acroos the Atlantic.
I own a beautiful leather binder (old world model).
I've been trying like crazy to produce an output that will fit the binder.
I got some pre punched paper made to the exact size of the paper provided with the binder.

It is next to impossible to get the output right to fit on the paper.

My understanding is that the report is actually created as one page across with a page break sort of arrangement.

The paper is 9.05 inches across and 5.51 tall.

I think it would simplify things a lot to have a report that creates pages in sequence as different pages. All the duplexing problems would go away at the same time.

Is there a way of doing that ?

Or the other way around would be to have a set up dialog that would allow to set margins differently on lef and right pages, allowing to define the printable area on each page.

Then an option of adding a title page as page one would be great. The first page of the logbook would be page 2 and terefore on the left side (I am aware that the option exists in the combine report, but was unable to find the pre punched paper option in there)

But above all, thanks for a great software!

Are you using 1.6 Build 232? This totally redesigned the layout of the MGOent reports to fix the problems of the printing in the past.

Do you already have the perforated paper? We just started selling it, so I'm not sure you've received it yet, if so, wow, that was fast!

What printer are you using?


With 1.6.232, do a print out of the MGOent Universal Report (the only one that can be used with the Perforated Paper). Do the left margins align?

Now right-click the report and click Report Options, then check the 'Position for Duplex Printing' and the report will reload, aligning so that the left side of the page aligns front and back.

Have you tested this in 232?

I'm anxiously awaiting as the timing of your response makes me believe you may have been using an older version. Also, please click 'user cp' and put the Software and Version number in your personal profile area.

Thanks, I'm awaiting the response.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Hi Neal, I'm always amazed at the speed of your answers !
First time I've seen somebody in the computer industry with such customer service & I've been n the field for 18 years !

I'm afraid that I am using the latest version (232)

I did not buy the paper, I had it tailor made here (cost about 20$ for 500 sheets ;-) )

I had it made exactly to the size of the paper that came with the binder. That way no cutting is needed and the holes are prepunched.

The size of the paper is 23 cm wide, 14 cm tall.

The printing can start 1.5 cm from the edge of the paper on the left (page two with holes on the left)

I am using a Deskjet 990 Cxi with auto duplex.