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Printing Problem


May 14, 2004
I would like to print the Jeppesen style logbook using duplex printing. When I export the report to either fineprint or to the duplex software for my printer, it skips pages.

In both cases after printing both the left and right side of the logbook page, it skips the next side of paper. For example, it printsthe left sideof the logbook onthebottom of the first sheet of paper. It prints the right side of the page on the top side of the second sheet of paper, then leaves the bottom side of that sheet blank. Then on the top side of the third sheet of paper it prints the left side of the second logbook page and the right side on the bottom. The top side of the forth sheet is blank, and the bottom side starts the cycle all over again. I appologizeif theexplanation is confusing. This only happens if I add the cover page, but I need the cover page so it prints out the way I like it.

Any ideas on how to get every third side of a page to keep from printing blanks? It changes the orientation of the logbook so that it is nothing like the paper style Jeppesen logbook.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

I'm not familiar with the intracacies of FinePrint but I know it has a lot of settings. Regardess, with there is no reason to use FinePrint any more. I suggest using the Split Report Series and it gives you complete control of your printing. You can print either lefts, rights (odds, evens), or use the Combined tab where the pages are interleaved for you. You just have to do a little thinking first prior to printing if printing evens and odds as to which side to print on, which to print first, etc. But you should be able to run one side of the output first, then print the other side of the output.

Hope this helps. Ensure you are using, the latest version and the new Split Report System.

Thanks for the FAST reply. I do have the latest verison of Logbbok Pro, and I'll try using the split report function as you suggest.

Thanks again for the fast reply,

Again, with the total control of the Split Report system, this is not needed. In the combined view, however, there is a toolbar option to insert a leading blank page which is to offset duplex printers for "open-faced" logbook printouts like a traditional paper logbook. You can then run the blank page back through the printer using your own word processor or graphics program to "paint what you want" on the cover.

There have been nothing but raving reviews/feedback of the split style system. For all users using binders, please use the new split report system, it gives you total control and answers the prior duplexing issues.

LOL: You edited your post and removed your question about cover pages...which is what this reply addresses...