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Printing Problems!!!


Apr 25, 2003
Has anyone ever sucessfully printed their logbook in a normal 8.5 x 11 portrait orientation. Seems like that would be a fairly simple option, but after hours of trying every possible configuration, I just gave up, printed landscape, and going to have it bound tomorrow.
Really wanted to just punch holes and put it in a nice leather 8.5 x 11 binder I bought.
It also took a ton of experimenting to get it to print dual-sided properly without it adding the occasional blank every now and then to throw off the allignment.
Hope someone out there has figured this out!
Hello Todd,

There are too many columns of information to fit a Portrait orientation. It is not a feasible alternative. The Split Series reports provide the best output and work great with the MGOent leather binders for the most professional presentation.

Thanks Neal...
Just knowing it's not really an option makes it easier to accept just doing it the standard way!
Appreciate your time,