Printing Problems!


Sep 14, 2002
I am a recent owner of the Premiere Logbook with the perforated paper. I have read the previous threads on maximizing printer use with Logbook Pro and I am still back at square one. Yes, I downloaded FinePrint, yes I called MGOent for suggestions. I need some serious help and a detailed explanation on how to print on booth sides of the perforated paper so I can maximize the very small binder the Premiere Logbook comes with.

Is it possible to have the following:

-A detailed set of instructions provided by Logbook Pro to print doubled sided data for both regular and duplex printing. (I don't care if it's so detailed I have to take the instructions to Kinko's to understand).

After purchasing your product, entering 3,000 hours, purchasing another $200 for a logbook and paper I would really like some help on how to print a fine looking logbook!
What printer are you using and does it have built in duplex printing? I personally use the HP LaserJet 2200D (built in duplexer) and it works perfect, no need for fineprint (software duplexer).

I don't have an answer as the printing requirements are different for various printers. If FinePrint is required to allow duplexing, then you'd have to experiment with that. I don't have any experience with it, but others here have used it with great results.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Not exactly the response I was anticipating after patiently waiting for two weeks. Let me be more specific. When I print out the Jeppesen style report it prints two pages per layout. Example, if I have 100 pages of log it will actually show 50 pages with page 1 and 2 on the first page and page 3 and 4 on the second page. Specifically, how can I print the Jeppesen style report just one page at a time?

Any help from other users would be appreciated.
You cannot unfortunately. Because of the nature of the layout, it has to be printed in pairs, as you see on screen. Printing from a Report Engine, vice the data entry area, is a real problem with a large column layout. This is being investigated in version 2 on how this can be done differently so we can avoid this. Sorry I couldn't provide a better answer, but this is the HONEST answer.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks for being honest. Maybe this will help. I can ask logbook pro to run the Jeppesen Report and have it show up on my screen. From there I can export to Adobe writer. Once in adobe I can crop the odd pages from the even pages. Sounds good so far however, the even pages such as 2,4,6, etc are butted-up to the very end of the layout. This prevents one from printing odds on one side and the evens on the other side because the alignment is all screwed up and it looks unprofessional. This could be fixed without changing two pages on one layout page just by having the second page, the even pages, aligned in the center of the layout after the red dotted line and not butted-up to the end of the page. Am I making sense our just rambling.

Please anyone help on this, I already know I could use Quite Imposing Plus software to align the even pages but this is $599 that I dont have.

Any suggestions?
Have you tried toggling the 'Position for Duplex Output' option in the report options settings? Click the small white icon on the report toolbar and you'll see the option. Try changing this option back and forth, and see if it helps.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Unfortunately, that doesn't help. It only toggles the dashed red line and doesn?t fix the problem of the margins for the even page side of the layout. I think the only solution is to align the layout so that the left and right borders of the layout of pages 1 and 2 are centered. How hard would it be to have an exact margin for the left side of page 1 and the right side of page 2. If this could be done then they could be separated by cropping the center of the page, separating the two pages and then a descent printing solution would be at hand. In summary, the way it is set up now with the even side pages aligned all the way to the end of the layout doesn't allow for a printing were the even and odd pages are aligned in a simulated logbook printing.
What appears on screen as the dashed red line moving is actually a layout change. The report doesn't print as it appears on screen, which is why the background ends the perceived right edge of the paper, although it's not representative of the paper. This is unfortunately something the report engine just isn't designed to do, that is create wide reports such as required by Logbook Pro and this is a workaround that is in use for 1.x.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Well, I have been able to print the logbook with Adobe by adjusting the margins as you suggested. It comes out looking pretty good! If anyone would like help on adjusting the margins so you can print on both sides of one page and have it aligned just email me. Hope this thread has helped anyone with the same problem.