Printing Question


Nov 9, 2006

Not having a very user friendly day with printing my logbook. Trying to print left and right pages seperately so as to maintain the classic look when paging through. Initially I began to print all right pages then flipped the pages over to print the left side and it worked great, however going back in to finish the rest of the logbook I now can not get the margins to swap so as not to have it print over the pre punched holes in the paper I purchased for my Premier Old World Binder. I am working in Split leather flight log report format.

Also, how the heck do you start a new question in the forums? Looked around but no luck. So, sorry piggyback on this thread.


I moved your post to a new thread. You can start a new thread by going to the root forum, i.e. not within a thread, then start a new topic.

As to your question, I opened a Split-Report...Premier/Old-World, then I clicked the Swap margins button and I could see onscreen the report shift as a result of the margin swap. I'm unable to identify an issue here. Are you using a template or the default layout?

Thanks for the info.on posting. Not sure how to tell the difference on Default or Template layout. I selected the same selection you indicated and earlier I could see the shift as well...not any longer. I know it would be extreme but would it help to remove the program and reload with default settings?

Yeah, I tried that after doing a search in the help section. No luck. I reset then closed and opened the program...ran the report...selected good. Strange. I am sure it is setting related, as it worked for the first 30 pages I printed. Any more ideas?
Are you sure you're opening the Premier/Old-World report? If you're viewing the Split-Reports...Jeppesen style you won't see a change as the margins are 1 inch around.

If you clicked Swap Margins on the Left side pages and it's not working, try going to the other side pages and click the swap margins button and see if you notice any difference.

As a last resort, the following steps will reset the settings stored in the Windows Registry related to your data file:

-Click and type in REGEDIT, press okay to get into the registry editor
-Expand Software
-Expand VB and VBA Program Settings
-Find any entries on the left with "Logbook Pro" in the text, right-click and delete each one
-Close the registry editor

Certain I am selecting Split-Reports then Premier/Old-World leather binders, then select Old World & Premier leather flight log (enter) then I select all data. I see (3) selections...Left/Right and combine. The right pages print fine. It is just the left pages that are not lining up correctly. When I select swap on either page the format stays the same with no changes.

I tried the "last resort" suggestion, however all I see after expanding to VB & VBA is two subfolders labeled "Logbook Pro & Logbook Pro Master Logbook". I do not think you want me to delete those....


Still scratching my head this morning on this print margin problem. Did not have much more time to troubleshoot so I deleted the entire program and downloaded a fresh version. Put my backup on a memory stick and reloaded. Re-verified the purchase and loaded the backup when prompted. Everything seems to be working as advertised.