Printing the Logbook


Sep 27, 2004

i have been studying the help links, instructions, and other postings to try to get my logbook printed out - but i'm having difficulty with the Custom Template. please help!

i already have the full size mgoEnt leather logbook, and the special paper needed.

question: in the Custom template mode, can i 1) change the width of columns? 2) can i delete columns that i don't use (eg- glider)? (if so, i can't figure it out)...

finally, when i finally get that all straight, what is the best strategy for setting margins that are best-suited for the mgoEnt Full Size logbook format?

thanks for the much needed help!! again, i have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out before calling on you.

Hello Hank,

Columns cannot be deleted or resized. I suggest using the Split-Report series of reports, in which you can use your custom templates. Margins should not be adjusted, they are preset for the paper already. Please review the Reports topic of the documentation for more information.

thank you for the timely response.

ok. i understand now that column width cannot be changed, deleted or rearranged (even in the Custom Template mode of Split Reports), BUT it looks like the width of rows CAN be adjusted to accomodate lengthy Routes or Remarks text that i might have.

regarding margins: can i not adjust the top and bottom margins in order to get more out of the full-size mgoEnt paper?


Row Height can be adjusted. You can adjust top/bottom margins and should not have a problem, left/right may start giving you duplex (front/back) issues. Experiment on draft paper before doing your final print.