Printing woes!


Feb 12, 2002
Hi Neal, I'm having problems with printing. I'm using fine print2000, and when I try to print the first page, it prints on both sides of the first page. On the first piece of paper, I need it to print side '1L' by itself, then on the next piece of paper, it needs to print side '1R' , then when you turn the paper over it needs to have side '2L', and so on. Also, when I try just to print 'new' pages at the end of my logbook, and not the whole thing again, it assigns them page numbers of 1, 2, 3...etc., when they're actually, pages 23, 24, 25...etc. These were not problems in earlier versions of LBP. Oh, by the way, I'm using the latest version. Thanks for the help! Tim

Hi! I personally am not a FinePrint expert and this sounds like a FinePrint issue. The page numbering is as shown on screen with Logbook Pro. You may have to tweak the FP settings. Sorry I can't help you here.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Hi, again. I don't believe you understand my question. Maybe I didn't explain it too well.

The left side of 'Page 1' should be on a sheet by itself, leaving one side blank. The second half of that page, should be on the right side of the binder, using a 'new' sheet of paper. As you turn that sheet over, the next page, 'Page 2' should be now on the left side of the binder...and so on. What is happening now is that on the first sheet of paper, I'm getting 'both' sides of page 1, and not one blank side.

Thanks for your rapid response!


To do this (I think) you'd need to figure out how to get the first page to be blank, then start printing. The way Logbook Pro has to layout the report is first it prints the left side, then prints the right, alternating. You will have to engineer a way with FinePrint or some other method to get the results you are inquiring about. I know you want to have it look like your hard copy (paper) log, but really this may not be possible. I recommend the full sized MGOent Binder, where you can have pages in landscape mode, front to back, and possibly (using something like FinePrint, or printer driver settings) have it print head to toe so it flips properly.

The experimentation is going to be on your end, I really cannot offer any tips here.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Neal, just to let you know...some of your earlier versions of LBP was able to do this. Instead of the page numbers reading
1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4...etc. it would mark them 1L, 1R, 2L, 2R, 3L, 3R, and so on, enabling you to chose exactly which page and side to print. The reason I use LBP is to be able to print out a professional looking logbook. I feel that if you have to turn the page over to see the rest of the information about a particular flight, this is unsatisfactory, and not at all like a 'regular' or 'professional' logbook. I'm hopeful that this 'bug' can be fixed in upcoming versions of LBP. Upon reading some of the other posts, it seems that others feel the same way.
I am a professional pilot, flying for an airline, and to date this, by far, is the best logbook software I've used. If this one glitch could be fixed, it would make this program 100%.

Thanks for your time,

Sincerely, Tim

Nothing has changed in the 'layout' of the reports. They still show on screen as two pages per 'canvas' and still print identical. The only that changed was the 'text' of the page numbering, but that's just cosmetic. Regardless, when the first 'canvas' shows, the computer sees that as page 1 even though it says 1 and 2. Then the second 'canvas' which shows 3 and 4. Try counting the number of on screen page displays and that should help you figure out which page to print. Logbook Pro sees a printing of page 1 as actually both left and right, this is due to the wide nature of Logbook reports and there's no better way to handle it at this time.

Once you understand what the computer sees as page 1 vice what the numbering says, I think you'll figure out what you need. Does this make sense? The computer sees each displayed layout as a page, vice what Logbook Pro numbers the pages as. Divide the right side page number by 2 and you'll get the page number as the computer thinks it's printing.


Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.