Printint Needs HELP!


May 22, 2004
This is an awesome logbook, the Mgoent is also very nice. The perf paper is a bit cheesey, it would look better cut with a paper cutter at office depot. The printing options are cool, but we need a step by step for printing out the log books, margins just don't seem to want to go right on the perfs.
Confirm you are using We find the paper very professional in fact with the fine perforations, heavy bond paper, with pre-drilled holes for easy binding. The new version of Logbook Pro should not require any margins modification and be easily printed using the new 'Split Reports' system. Many users have raved over the new report system and have had no problems whatsoever with any of the four MGOent. binders now.

Yes I am using and running the Split Reports, MGOent Old World & Premier Leather Flight Log report. I am printing on an HP Office Jet 4110, printing all left sides first then all right. I found a system that will efficiently print the pages (saved a bunch of time) but it still puts the drill holes right down my Night column on the right page and right down the Instr Appps on the left. Totals are still visible at the bottom but not really the best way to do it. I didn't play around with margins much, that seems like more headache than it's worth.

Log book on the whole looks much better than my previous log books but I would still love to clean it up. A quick solution to the perforated edges is just to trim the edges with a paper cutter. If they were available precut, not perforated, I would be interested in that option.

Thanks for the quick response, sorry mine took a while.