Problem entering Flightsim events in Window style.


Dec 20, 2005
Hono, Sweden

When I try to enter Flight simulator events in window style logbook, the event is not saved in the logbook unless I also enter an Aircraft Ident. It's no problem to enter the same event in Spreadsheet style without any A/C ident (leaving this column blank).

I have made a separate Aircraft type for the sim in the options menu. In the record I enter Date, A/C make/model and the total time in the simulator field/column. This works in the Spreadsheet but NOT inte Window style logbook.

Is this a bug in the software, or am I doing anything wrong?

Best Regards!
Hello Karl,

The required columns for a valid entry are: Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM). As you have done, you can put SIM in for the Ident, and a hyphen or N/A in for the ROUTE. If, however, you do not want to do this and want to disable Logbook Pro's validation system, go into the Options...Flight Log area and uncheck "FAR Error Checking" and also the bottom most checkbox to disable the purge system.