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Problems with installing updates


New member
Feb 12, 2005
I seem to have frequent issues with the update manager software. For each of the last few updates I have ended up downloading the entire program and doing a new install. The update manager shows that I have an update available for logbook pro (1.9.8), but if I select it the install and download buttons remains grey and I am unable to install the update. I get the same result if I check for updates via control panel or via logbook pro. I have installed now.
Hi Douglas,

The information you received by the Update Manager is a "Message" that there is a new version available, but the update itself is not published for the update manager to download. Please review the Revision History and the February 2005 Newsletter for more information on the update. Updates beyond 1.9.8 should be available via the update manager again.

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So the update manager does nothing other than let me know an update is available? If that is the case I would prefer to not have an extra process running for a task I can easily go check myself.
No, that's not the case. It processes updates as well as messages (notifications). In this case 1.9.8 was sent out as a notification only as it is not a automated update for those that want to stay with and keep the FAR 121 functionality in the Standard Edition as it stands now. Unfortunately the Update Manager is not optional at this time, it is required for Logbook Pro's installation and if uninstalled it will most likely re-install itself as Logbook Pro is "self-healing" meaning it will install anything missing automatically.