Schedule Importer Version 7

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Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
NC Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of our next generation schedule importer - version 7. Version 7 BETA is now available for your use on our new schedule importer web site. Visit and check out our innovative new schedule importer supporting over 130 airlines and trip formats.

The new schedule importer now in public beta currently supports APDL Pocket PC edition, Palm support is coming soon. Feel free to try it out regardless, you just can't download files yet for Palm consumption but can explore the new functionality regardless of Palm or Pocket PC use. The new schedule importer offers an innovative "Auto" feature which is the preferred filter for parsing your trip data and converting it into a downloadable file which can be passed to APDL for importing your trip data. The Auto feature will find the information in your trip data and parse it into trips, days, and leg detail. You can paste in your entire month's schedule now -- no longer do you have to do one trip at a time. You can select each trip and download the trip files for use with APDL.

Other new features give you full control over your data prior to downloading the files for your PDA. You can edit or add trips, edit or add days, edit or add legs. You have FULL control -- we give you the tools to make any changes to your data prior to compiling it into a file generated on the fly for use with APDL. Download the file, save to APDL, and after starting APDL you'll be prompted to import the new data. Fly your trip, update the times and sync to Logbook Pro and you're done!

Need a new filter for your trip format? No problem! No longer do you have to wait our traditional 45 day filter update cycles for new updates to appear. With the new system we can add new filters real time so we can generate a filter within 24 hours and update the site using the new developer interface behind the scene. It's truly innovative which will help reduce our support costs and increase our response to your changing company formats.

Let us know how the new schedule importer is working for you. Tell us if it works, tell us if it doesn't work. Try Auto first, if that doesn't work, pick a specific filter and retry. Experiment with the day and leg editing features. Submit a help desk ticket and send us your trip data if you need any help, but we are looking for feedback on the new system. We are very excited to offer this new and innovative system that has been in development for over a year! We're anxiously awaiting your feedback. And yes, APDL's Schedule Importer is still FREE!
APDL Schedule Importer 7.1 is now "released" and out of beta. The old schedule importer has been phased out and will no longer be supported. Please use the latest version on our APDL Schedule Importer web site and send us feedback if you have any problems.
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