Productivity forecast and sick trip


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Aug 31, 2009
I have a trip scheduled that was pulled for sick pay. Is it expected that the forecast line in the Productivity Forecast would include the sick trip? I would think that the block for that trip would not be "forecast" any more as soon as it is tagged sick instead of block.

Also, I was getting an alert for Feb 25 for a 100/672 block time getting close. I am still getting that alert. Obviously, with this trip getting pulled, there should be no problem for block limits (over 21 block hours). Why am I still getting a limit alert? It seems like available block did not increase by the amount of block in the sick trip either.

At what point does a user get a block limit alert? Within how many hours?

I have screenshots if that would be helpful too.
I believe it's 95 for the caution and 97 for the warning from my own personal experience.

Check your Sick payroll settings to make sure Apply to Legality is not selected.
This is related to a similar case that is already logged. AI-1963

As for when the alert happens, I think it's within 5 hours. We are considering making this user customizable in a future update.
That's not something the average user can check, is it? After about day 3 of that trip (Tuesday), all legalities finally looked correct. Another thing is that all legs were still showing in my Google calendar up until that point too. I would think they would disappear as soon as a trip is marked for sick pay. Thanks for the help!
No it is not, however, we include the case reference number for a couple reasons.

1. It helps us identify which forum topics have been already logged and which ones they are to prevent duplicate issues being logged which complicates and slows down the development progress.
2. It allows users to determine which issues have been addressed in app updates. We include a changelog in app update descriptions which include these reference numbers.