q. about organizing the jepp. style flight log


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Nov 27, 2007
I only have my lousy .5 hours so far but when i choose the jepp style flight log, it puts it up in 2 pages. If I were to have multiple pages of information how would you organize it after you print it out on 8.5x11 paper? I mean there are matching part 2 pages to every part one. I guess you wouldn't use this style for an interview/resume would you? Well, I guess this would be for liek a binder with page protectors wouldn't be?

EDIT - I do understand that this view is mimicking a real logbook.

Thanks NC

Hello Joe,

Logbook Pro is designed to print out in a similar layout to traditional paper logbooks. So you would have two pages reading from left to right across all standard columns. There is a "split-report" system in Logbook Pro which is the preferred method for printing out your logbook pages. You can print out a logbook that fits in the Cirrus Elite Leather binders for a professional and classy logbook solution.

Please refer to the documentation by clicking Help...Contents within Logbook Pro and review the "Reports" topic if interested in learning more.
Ability to print front/back by printing one side first and then rotating the paper to print the opposite sides. Doesn't require a duplex capable printer. It is more accurate for printing on Cirrus Elite paper products as well.