Question about ipod touch & logbookpro application


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Oct 10, 2010
I just bought a new mac and ipod touch.

I have the ipod touch synched with the mac.

If I download the application for the ipod touch, how do I get all the data (logbook entries) from my old computer (a PC) to the ipod touch?

Isnt an ipod only "synchable" to one computer? Or is there a way to get all the data from the old computer to the new ipod touch?
Hello Mike,

Your iPod touch can sync with any PC that syncs through the My Sync portal. Enter your Sync Account credentials into the PC and device and they will sync with each other. For more information please refer to the documentation.
Does the synch portal happen wirelessly?

I think that I am just figuring out that the ipod touch I just got requires USB 2.0 and my old PC is USB 1.0

The only thing that I still use my old computer for is logbookpro. If I can transfer all the data....the ipod application is all I will need going forward.
Yes, sync occurs through the Internet, there are no cable connections. We call it "Cloud Sync".

Logbook Pro on your iPod touch is not a stand-alone logbook, it is designed to allow you to quickly add new data and sync back to your PC upon completion of your trip. I suggest reviewing all of the available resources on our web site including documentation and video tutorials. Here are the links to assist you:

-Documentation on Logbook Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
-Documentation on Cloud Sync
-Video Tutorials giving you a complete look at the application and its capabilities