Question? single sync/LP


Nov 12, 2007
I have APDL V 4.31. single sync is not working for me (I believe its trying to put the info into a directory Palm but my treo 650 is now palmone). I understand that single sync has been fased out and Logbook Pro is now what you need to use. Will my version of adpl work with the current version of logbook pro? Or does anyone Know a way to salvage my single sync?

Thanks Rick

You will most likely will need to uninstall Single Sync and purchase APDL version 6. Also, make sure you are running version 1.10.26 of Logbook Pro. All Logbook Pro (PC) version 1.x.x upgrades FREE.
for a version that old support would be very limited and very general. APDL has changed since then. I would purchase an upgrade to version 6 if you are having problems.
I'm not having any problem but I need to update my logbook and syncing it is the easiest. Is the upgrade and the buying the new program the same price?