Recent upgrade


Mar 4, 2004
Ok I went from 1.7 to 1.8 I did what you recommended regarding set up. I now have an Logbook Pro and Logbook Pro Old in my program file. In my program list if I click on the logbook pro icon it launches 1.7 and in the desktop icon it launches 1.8 is this ok?????? it seems I have both version running depending which icon I click. Regarding synch with APDL what should I do???
I have another question my logbook pro data file only shows in the logbook pro olf file not in the new one. Is this normal? I would like to clean this up if possible . Thank you

I suggest making a backup of your data file (File..Archive..Backup) and save to a location such a C:\Backups then uninstall Logbook Pro. Reboot, then click Start...Programs and right click on the 'Logbook Pro' folder and choose delete to remove it. After doing so you can delete the Logbook Pro folders from under C:\Program Files (but do not empty the recycle bin until you are sure all is working as expected). Install 1.9.8 then restore your backup.

Hi Neal Iam having serious problems with the software there is something that's really screw up. I did what you told me but now nothing seems to be working!!! I would appreciate a little verbal communication if possible. Thanks you