Registered version expires???


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Nov 19, 2001
I purchased Logbook Pro Companion for the Pocket PC but it keeps warning me that Booster will expire in 30 days. I paid for the Companion software. Surely I don't have to shell out more money to continue to use it? Isn't a license for Booster included in the purchase price of Companion. It was when I purchased the Palm version a year ago. Please don't tell me I have to pay for an additional license to use Booster just so I can use the Pocket PC Companion that I already paid for, that would not make me a happy camper at all.
Booster is included with the Palm Companion, and the Pocket PC does require the license of Booster for $9.95 (or as listed on the AppForge web site) from AppForge. When purchasing the Pocket PC Companion from our store, it clearly tells you that Booster must be licensed at the small fee if it is not already licensed on your Pocket PC. There are many other applications that use Booster on the Pocket PC and Booster only needs to be registered once per device, not per application. It sounds like you need to license Booster for your device and you can do so from the AppForge Web Site.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.