Registry problem?


New member
Oct 6, 2004
Springfield, MA
I saw a post similar earlier. I downloaded the evaluation mode...then bought the full version. When I put in the key I got in the email, and the one on-screen, it works fine. However, when I come back later it resets and I have to put in the key every time. Nothing else that is customized (colors, cutom counters, etc.) changes. I went through the registy and tried to put my key in the serial slot (which I guess is the right one), however, it resets whenever I shutdown Logbook Pro. Obviously this is not a common problem, but is there anything I am doing wrong to try to fix the problem. -Any help appreciated...thanks.

The issue is on your PC and something either with permissions preventing the write to the registry, or something detecting changes to the registry such as spyware, adware, SystemWorks, etc. This is outside the scope of Logbook Pro unfortunately, however, the issue is certainly with your PC/Operating System and not persisting registry settings.