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Need Info Remarks in APDL Export


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Jun 28, 2004
Phoenix, AZ
Last time I used the exporter the remarks field was appended to the end of the custom remarks field, so that when I mapped remarks to the custom remarks field, I imported the data from both fields. That functionality seems to be missing now.

Was it intentionally removed, or did I somehow do something differently?

If it was removed, can you add a [remarks] tag so that those of us who want it appended to the custom remarks field can still have that functionality?
My mistake in terminology. It is called Notes in APDL, however in the APDL.net exporter CSV file it is called Remarks, and is right next to the Remarks Custom column.

The point is, last time I ran the exporter, a couple months ago, the Remarks from the Exporter file or Notes from APDL, was appended to the Remarks Custom field. That way I had not only my custom remarks, but the notes from the flight in Logbook Pro.

Can we please get that functionality back so I don't have to go line by line and manually merge them in the CSV file before importing it into Logbook Pro?

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