• We've completed testing of iOS 14. Logbook Pro has no issues observed. APDL's only issue is the Weather Map is crashing. We are working on an update for the crash at this time.

Removing version 2


New member
Jul 10, 2007
I currently have version 1.01 and decided to download and try out the new version 2.0 trial. After looking at it, I decided I didn't want to upgrade. I installed the v2 in a different folder than the regular v1.01 so it wouldnt mess up my old version.

Sure enough I uninstall v2 and now the drop down menu in Logbook Pro under Add-ins says "GET FlightCentral Route Browser". Of course I do have v1.01 and it still works when I find it thru windows explorer.

Any ideas on correcting this?