Required rest strangeness.


Jan 15, 2005
My Palm locked up during data entry into APDL and I had to push the reset button to fix it. When I restarted APDL, I finished entering the days data and looked at the required rest page. It says I flew 14 hours when I actually flew 7. I'm afraid the data file is corrupted. How can I repair it? If I sync to my pc will it repair it or just migrate the corrupt data to the pc?


Please find your palm backup folder typically located at C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your palm username}\Backup and zip this entire folder into a zip file. Submit a support ticket and include the zip file so we can review your data. You'll need to HotSync before starting this process so the PC has your latest Palm files. We'll see if we can help you out. You may want to write down or manually log the flights for this month as you may have to delete the ...200707.PDB file and recreate it if it did become corrupt, but I doubt you have a corrupt file, we'll investigate.
I removed APDL from my PDA, including all of the data files and reinstalled. Make a backup of the directory listed above because you will need to copy your data files back to your PDA after you reinstall APDL. This corrected my problem.


Thanks for the reply. Your suggestion worked for me.

I removed and reinstalled APDL. I had to go into active sync explore and find the APDL folder to manually remoe the database info. and then reinstall.