Reserve after flights


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Jun 28, 2004
Phoenix, AZ
Tomorrow I show at 0730 for one flight, then they keep my FDP open until 1730, so they can assign other flying if it becomes available. When I try to change my FDP to end at 1730 in APDL, it keeps auto-reverting back to the end of my flight, which is 0918. How do I override that?

Shane Jensen
This is an issue that we were not aware that companies could do when originally programming APDL. It has come up once before and we are planning ways to incorporate this in a future update.

For now the best solution for a "work around" is to enter "airport standby/reserve" after the first leg. This isn't ideal but it's all we have available in the current version.
Ok, your right it isn't ideal because it will mess up the payroll portion, but legality is more important, so I guess I'll just have to accept the fact that the payroll will be wrong.
Try placing a dummy segment beginning and ending at 1730 (ie zero length) set to Block.
Doesn't that add a segment and mess with your max FDP calculations?

Yes, and No. The important issue here is that the total FDP for the day is correctly calculated, since it will affect calculations 672 hrs from now.
Agreed, that is probably the best solution for now. Not perfect, but they usually only keep your FDP open for 10 hrs, so the extra segment shouldn't be that big of deal.

Thanks for the suggestion.