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restoring my back up


Feb 7, 2004
My hard drive crashed on me
and I had to reinstall the drivers. I had the old version og Log Book Pro 1.9.5. I just downloaded your latest version and the program doesn't recognize my CD with all of my backed up information.
Any suggestions?

Sorry to hear about the crash. The ONLY file that can be archived/saved to a CD-ROM is the data file. This can be either the raw data file ending in .LBK or the backups ending in .BAK. You CANNOT copy Logbook Pro (folder) to a CD-ROM then restore it. The program must be installed to function.

Therefore, install, the latest, then find your data file on the CD-ROM which ends in .LBK and copy the .LBK to your hard drive. Logbook Pro when starting up will prompt to locate this with a NEW/OPEN/RESTORE dialog. If you don't have a .LBK, restore a .BAK (backup) file using the RESTORE option.

Hope this Helps (HTH)