Rogue Entry


New member
Oct 2, 2009
I have an entry that is associated with B-727. It is 16 hours. When I go to the spreadsheet viewing of my logbook, it does not show up. When I view the "entire logbook via Windows Screen" I CAN see it, but cannot get rid of it. I want to get rid of all entries, as well as the classification B-727. I have replaces all B-727 entries with Boeing 727 except the one rogue entry. This entry shows up in some totals and in others it does not. Such as Analyzer vs Logbook Totals.

Thank you

Try clicking File...Database Utilities...Repair Database. Close and restart Logbook Pro. Before you can delete any Types in the Options...Aircraft area, there must be no flight log entries using that Type. You can find sort the log area by the Type by opening the spreadsheet log area, click the "Aircraft Ident" column header which will force a sort on that column. If you find the type that you want to delete then you'll need to either remove the entry or change the Type to the desired Type.

If the problem remains send us a Logbook Pro Backup - (File..Backup) via a support ticket.