Route Characteristics


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Jun 6, 2014
Central Ohio, USA
Route currently appears to use the last word entered in the previous entry when setting up the route for the next new entry. I presume this is because the software assumes your last airport is the beginning of your next flight. Makes sense for airline pilots, however, it is mostly never going to be the case for GA pilots. During training sessions, I frequently fly within the vicinity of one airport, so I enter:

<airport designator> Local

For example:
CMH Local

So my next new entry route defaults to "Local-", which is never going to be an entry I would enter. So two requests to make it more user friendly:

1) Either default to the last route flown, and we can correct it if that isn't the route, or allow us to set a default value. The first option would be good when you fly a particular route frequently, or the second option would always take you back to your default if you don't need to change it.

2) In other software, the down/up arrows allow you to scroll through the drop-down box options. Maybe there is a setting for this already? This would make it more user-friendly.
Hello David,

You can turn this off by going to View / Options / Flight Log and uncheck the 2nd from the bottom checkbox.

We are working on updates to the grid system but you can press F4 to show the drop down, arrow up/down, F4 to close the list or enter to select.
Wow you guys are FAST at replying! Turning off that option helps a lot. And clicking the drop-down indicator (or pressing F4) allows the arrow to scroll. So that leaves being able to scroll without opening the drop-down, and being able to set a default. But using the last entered route isn't a bad way to go either. I am amazed by how much functionality built into this product! Thanks.