Same flight number issue


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Feb 4, 2007
We have Round trips where both flights have the same flight number. Looks like the return leg is not auto filling times. How does APDL handle this? After I hit Autofill the times became Amber. They were not the correct times and I had trouble editing them until I put an "A" after the flight number. Of course, now I will have to manually enter times for that leg. Has this issue been discussed before?

Autofill uses the scheduled departure time to determine which leg to retrieve when there are multiple legs with the same flight number. If you preenter the scheduled departure time, date, and airports it should work.
Scheduled times were imported using schedule update. Autofill did not work. What does the Amber mean? Only thing that I thought of was perhaps the date somehow got changed on the time entries?
Amber means an invalid time. It could just be a time before the previous time. In your case it's probably the date of the time being in the past.