Schedule Importing


Jun 16, 2007
On the iphone app, is there a way when using the calendar import of trips/legs to show the flight number as opposed to the generic aircraft type?

also on the app itself when looking at the flight log, being able to pick it out by flight number woudl be easier than having to look for the depart-arrive city pairs to find the right flight to update.... might not help the GA folks as much, but the 121 and 135 guys would appreciate the ability to vary the display option, and the copy to calendar info. Thanks....

Still holding out for the iphone version of APDL which I still carry on a seperate PDA in the kitbag... but shouldn't have to.

You can show the Flight Number by creating a custom TEXT column in Logbook Pro PC's Options/Custom area. Then sync your PC and sync your device to send the custom column to the device. Go to Settings/Schedule Importer and map the Flight Number field.
I don't think there's a way of changing the display of the calendar information, but i'm sure Neal will respond soon and clear that up.

For the flight number being displayed on the flight log list in the app though, you can put the flight number in the remarks and it will be shown as long as it's close enough to the beginning of the remarks field that it's not cut off. If you're using the schedule importer and have it set up in Settings...Schedule Importer to append the flight number in remarks, it should be visible. That's how mine is set up.