Search For Airport


Feb 13, 2006
How do I search for an airport? I can see by Route Browser that I have entered some airports with a bad ICAO identifier, but I am having a hard time finding that airport in LBPro to correct the name/identifier.
You can perform a search by clicking the little binoculars icon at the bottom right of the spreadsheet view. Choose the route field and I would suggest "partial match", enter the erroneous ICAO identifier. You can then find next or previous by clicking the binoculars left and right arrow to cycle through all entries until you locate them all.
I tried your selection, which I had not known about, but it didn't work. The codes identifed in Route Browser as bad didn't come up when searched for in LBP.
I am assuming the airports in question are unknown by route browser. If that is true you can select unknown airports in rout browser, click on one of the airports in question and filter for it. It will show you that airport id and the date making it easy to find.

Tip: if you enter I AD instead of IAD you will have two unknown airports I and AD. Just filter for AD. Now route browser will show you any airport with AD in it. When you look down the list look for one with no mileage information show. That will be the one with the typo.

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