Separate OUT/IN OFF/ON Times?

Paul Harris

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Feb 20, 2003
I have just downloaded LBP and begun exploring, so I am not very familiar with all of the options. Additionally, I would plan to load the Pocket PC version for real time data entry.

This brings up a question: It appears that when I go to enter an OUT date and time that an IN date and time are entered by default. I can certainly see the convenience of having both in the dialogue box when entering historical data, but find it kludgy for realtime data entry.

IOW, after I block out and takeoff, reach a comfortable cruising altitude, and have turned off the seat belt sign, I am looking for something to do. So I might pull out the Axim and enter my OUT and OFF times. However, I won't be ready to enter my ON and IN times until the next time the seat belt sign is turned off with the parking brake set. I would rely on blank ON and IN time fields to remind me I haven't entered that data.

Is the software configurable for such a procedure?
Very interesting, the gears are turning on this one. Thanks for the feedback.

No, there's no configuring option on this functionality, but I have a few questions/comments:

I understand your 'real time' concept of entry, and that probably can work on the PDA as you can turn it off and the PDA will reappear with the application still running with the last use available. On the PC side of the house, this won't work as it's not going to let you 'litter' your logbook with incomplete entries.

On the PC, it will allow you to enter both OUT/IN or the TO/LAND paired values and requires you to on the block time entry system. BUT, on the PDA, from what I can recall, it is not going to auto-enter in this manner and *should* do as you desire. You can enter the OUT and OFF time, then turn off the PDA (not close LBPro). Then turn it back on, and enter your LAND and IN time.

So, long story longer, I think the PDA is going to behave exactly as you desire, correct me if I'm wrong.

Great thoughts!!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.