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Setting Up an IPC

Jump Pilot

New member
Jun 26, 2002
My six month instrument currency expired on 5/31. I did an instrument proficiency check last week to cover the expiration.

I have the istrument requirements (6 approaches/hold) set up in currencies which shows an expiration. How do I set the IPC up so that it replaces my expired instrument currency in the currency box and starts another six month period?

Configure your currency to take into account the IPC. You do this by clicking the bottom right bar in the currency editor where it says 'History Events' and put this in the ANY TO PASS block, which should coexist with your approach definition too, since EITHER the 6 approaches in 6 months OR the IPC can pass the currency.

You don't need to recreate currencies, they continuously check for expiration. You just need to account for the IPC as part of the currency.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Any thoughts on how to combine the hold/intercept requirement? That is, we can maintain instrument currency either (1) by getting an IPC in the last 6 months, or (2) by flying (a) 6 approaches, (b) a hold, and (c) an intercept (all in the last 6 months).

You can use the individual items available when creating a new currency item or include custom fields as desired. You can also combine History Events such as your IPC, which are entered in the History area of Logbook Pro, then to include in currencies click the "History Events" bar on the bottom right of the currency editor.
Still confused.

Thank you.

Perhaps I am a little slow, but which goes where?

Assume that, to be current, I need either: (1) IPC in the last 6 months, or (2) all of (a) 6 approaches, (b) a hold, and (c) an intercept (all in the last 6 months). I set up (1) a history item for IPC in the last 6 months and (2) currency items for (a) 6 approaches in last 6 months, (b) a hold in the last 6 months, and (c) an intercept in the last 6 months (a custom field).

Do I put (1) the IPC hitory item in "Any to Pass" and (2) all three currency items in "All to Pass"?

I appreciate your help (and patience) on this.
Here is a little info to help understand the Any to Pass and All to Pass blocks, then the connection between the two:

ALL to Pass: ALL currency items in this box must pass for this "block" to pass.

ANY to Pass: If any of the currency items in this block pass, then this "block" passes

There is a relationship assignment between the two boxes which can be "AND" or "OR" should you have items in both boxes.

"AND" means that both blocks must result in a "pass" for the currency to pass.

"OR" means that if either of these two blocks result in a "pass" then the currency passes.

Therefore, you have to break down your currency accordingly. Since this currency passes, according to your description, based on an "IPC" "<or>" the other items, you should have the IPC in the "Any to Pass" and then the other currency items in the "ALL to Pass" box with the connector set to "OR" as if either box passes, the currency will pass.

Biggest thing is to simply "play" with the currency system and learn how it works. Once you understand the fundamentals, you will realize the real power in this system.

Makes good sense now. If I understand correctly, the ANY block uses "or" logic within the block (so that any of the events in the block will satisfy the block), while the ALL block uses "and" logic (so that all of the events in the block must be true to satisfy the block).

Thank you! Have a great day.