Should I buy and will it work?


New member
Aug 23, 2006
I have a HP Ipaq 4705 PDA.
Would like to use logbook pro.
It has pocket PC 2003 premium w/ outlook 2002

I can not get on Continental web site without more secure software upgrade. I was told by Anywhere Maps where I purchased this ipaq that moblie five would make this ipaq work vary slow. I also need a battery. So before I spend $$ on software and parts. I need help on what to do here. Is there a explorer only update or somthing? HP is no help. They only want to sell me mobile 5 and can't answer any ??

Also, if down the road I decide to go to a smart phone with mobile 5 on it and get rid of the PDA can I load this software on it, and keep going or do I have to make a new purchase?

I invite you to download and try our software which is free to evaluate. This will help you answer your concerns. As to changing from one Pocket PC device to another, you can transfer your license without having to buy another. Be sure to read our latest newsletter regarding compatible devices.