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Should I tell them to switch?


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Feb 25, 2002
I have two good friends; both are Airline pilots that use another program to keep track of time. One thing that I told them was the 'NC Software' does not charge for every revision and upgrade. I know that it must be soon, that you will bring out version 2.0 of Logbook Pro. As a businessman I can also expect that you will charge for this next upgrade. My question is if I tell my friends to switch now and they by 1.9.4, in a week or two or month are they then going to have to buy 2.0. Or should I tell them to wait and buy the next version.

Besides this last question they are sold on your superior product.


I'm not sure where this 'rumor' is that version 2 is coming soon, when in fact I've stated on this forum that it's not soon, it's no time soon, and could be early 2004 before it's released.

Yes, there will be a charge to upgrade, per the policies, however, the amount has not been determined, or even thought of at this time.

Anyone that purchases Logbook Pro within 90 days of a major upgrade release (first number of the version changing) they will be entitled to a free upgrade to the newly released version.

Thanks for recommending Logbook Pro. Logbook Pro builds on the strength of our customers, the more input/suggestions we get, the better product ends up in the hands of the customers.

Fly Safe!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I was not trying to start a rumor, or feed old ones. The answer I wanted was (90 days). Sounds like a respectable time limit. Anyway, thanks as always for the quick response.


You wouldn't know this, my bad, but I am getting quite a few e-mails and inquiries as to 'Version 2 coming soon...' and I assume it's because of the Version 2 beta applications I ran a few months ago.

Sorry for the confusion, but yes, 90 days for free upgrade, but I do NOT know when this will start as Version 2 is no where close to being ready for production.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.