Sick trip


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Aug 31, 2009
I called in sick for the last trip, and went into APDL and marked the legs all as sick. They still show up in my Google Calendar though. I would think that they would get pulled off my Google Calendar after changing them to sick. Is that not how it works? Doesn't that seem logical?
Ok, I'll just manually delete them for now. Are you getting close on the 7.2 release?
Yes, it's tied to some other things so it's a giant ball of wax haha. 7.2 is huge, some major new stuff, about 200 other things fixed or improved, and we have about 40 more wish list items to get through and I think we'll fire off this cannonball :) This is a seriously amazing update coming....
I don't use Google Calendar so excuse my ignorance but why would it be necessary for that sick trip to be removed from the calendar? Wouldn't you want it there to help possibly with credit and that type of thing? Or at least to see what you were supposed to have done? Just wondering.
We are talking about the external calendar program (whatever it is that you use) that you maybe syncing APDL to (iCloud, Google, etc.)

Of course it must stay in APDL for pay and auditing purposes.
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I can look in APDL to see what I was supposed to do. If I didn't do it, I didn't want it clogging up my Google calendar. I share it with my wife, and it's just extraneous at that point. I would think it should maybe be made configurable if there are some that want out and some that don't?
Oh, I thought you could do the whole trip as one item. I don't use the calendar for apdl so didn't know.