Signature feature will not work


May 6, 2002
Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI)
Hi Neal,

I tried following the instructions exactly as you posted them regarding the personal signature for each page in the logbook. I do not get a signature either on my screen or when I print logpages. Would you mind posting step by step instructions? What could I be doing wrong?

I've got the same problem, no signature

I have V1.9.9 and followed the instructions with no luck. Saved my signature as a .jpg @ 150dpi and pasted in the same folder as my .lbk file but get no signature. Any suggestions?

NC Software said:
Hello Tyler,

Please ensure you are naming the file per the documentation and you are using the split report series in 1.9.9 or later.

Yup, file is named the same as my .lbk file except as a .jpg. Those are the only two files in the folder. I've tried both Jeppesen style and MGM style split reports and neither shows the signature.
NC Software said:

Not to state the obvious, but are you sure you are using "that" .LBK data file where the .jpg image resides? I'm unable to duplicate this issue.

Well, my .LBK file is in one location on my computer. It is named Tyler 1. I pasted my signature jpg in that folder and named it Tyler 1 and it is saved as a .jpg per the instructions. It seems very simple so I'm not sure why it isn't working. I'm a little foggy with your statement, "are you sure you are using "that" .LBK data file....." Is there more than one .LBK file for my logbook?:dunce:

Please submit a support ticket for further assistance. Include a backup of your data file, your image signature, and a screen capture of your Windows Explorer showing the directory containing the files.
Hi Neal,
I'm having the same problem as Tyler. Same name (+.jpg), same folder but no insertion. Any clues?